New Google Glass Photos Revealed

These ones are prescription-friendly.

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Google published two photos of the next version of Glass, its computer device that you can wear like glasses, on Tuesday in a Google+ post. A consumer-friendly Google Glass will be available sometime next year — there’s no official release date yet — and current Glass “Explorers” will be able to swap the old pair for a new set. Explorers can also invite up to three friends to purchase the $1,500 lenses.

So what’s new?

As reported Monday by Techland’s Jared Newman, the second-generation has a mono earbud, rather than a speaker. It also is designed to work with prescription glasses.

Reviews of the first version were mixed. Many have critiqued the design, saying that Google Glass is unlikely to find a mass market unless they create a better design.


They don't look stylish enough for me to purchase.


the big secret noone knows except me is that the whole world will have to wear a burka to hide from the the glassoids its an islamic conspiracy


Make no mistake about it; in a not too distant future, NSA's PRISM will use face recognition software to track people through the visual information gathered by the millions of Google Glasses that will be in circulation, if we let this thing happen.

If you have any doubt, Google the following: 

Google > face recognition software

Google > NSA PRISM

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Daniel Guibord