“The commercial use of drones is an interesting technology and we’ll continue to evaluate it.”
— A spokesperson for UPS, speaking to the Verge about the use of drones for package deliveries.

The quote comes hot on the heels of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos revealing on 60 Minutes that his company is working on delivery drones to shuttle purchases to customers within 30 minutes of placing and order. The Verge also points out that “FedEx founder Fred Smith has spoken repeatedly about his desire to move to a fleet of unmanned aircraft, something he believes could generate major cost savings.”

UPS researching its own delivery drones to compete with Amazon’s Prime Air [The Verge]


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This is just getting silly now. My opinion is that the Amazon announcement was just marketing hype and a ploy to put a little pressure on the companies that they contract with for delivery. This, in my opinion, from UPS is just a school yard rebuttal.

If this is true and they way they are heading, can you imagine how this will allow them to cut back on employment? Doesn't look good for all those delivery drivers.