Anonymous Hackers Plead Guilty to PayPal Cyber Attack

Thirteen defendants plead guilty to a December 2010 cyber attack on the online payment site

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A group of defendants belonging to the hacktivist group Anonymous have pleaded guilty in federal court to a cyber attack on Paypal’s website.

Eleven men and two women were charged with the December 2010 attack against the online payment site PayPal. After WikiLeaks released a large amount of classified material, PayPal suspended WikiLeaks’ accounts so the anti-secrecy site could no longer receive online donations. That prompted the Anonymous group to launch a denial of service attack against PayPal, a coordinated effort intended to make the access to the website impossible.

Ten of the defendants pleaded guilty to a felony charge, while three others agreed to misdemeanor charges. According to Reuters, if the ten do not violate the terms of their plea in the next year, they can they can change their plea to a lesser misdemeanor.



I just don't understand why they have to release people's credit card information.Can someone explain this tactic to me just doesn't seem right because they have a beef with some sheikh why do F1 drives or staff have to be victimized?


"the hacktivist group Anonymous"

Because all Anons are hackers? 


Calling this a DoS attack is really laughable. You had 14 people who were charged out of (allegedly) thousands of members of "Anonymous" using a tool to try and knock PayPal offline. With these thousand of people using this tool (Low Orbit Ion Canon for who ever actually cares) PayPal experienced less than a minute of actual downtime. This whole case is bananas. Just like Anonymous. #ExpectDerp. The actual effects on PayPal were beyond minimal. I blame the media for overhyping this "Op"