If Apple Made a Laptop Desk, It Would Probably Look Like This

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Know how you can tell if someone has a good idea for a product? If that someone asks for $6,500 worth of funding on Kickstarter and raises well over $100,000 instead.

That’s what happened to Nathan Mummert, who designed the Slate Mobile AirDesk.

To describe it in words is to tell the tale of a handcrafted bamboo slab with holes in it to permit airflow, a built-in mouse pad and a slot for docking your smartphone or small tablet. It looks better than it sounds, with a very Apple-esque minimalist flair to it. You can choose one of three mousepad colors and opt for a left-hand or right-hand configuration.

The Slate will be shipping in mid-January and is currently listed at $98 (down from $130). It’s not cheap, in other words, but if you’ve been looking for a solid laptop desk to use while sitting on the couch or by the pool, you might have just found it.

Slate Mobile AirDesk [iSkelter via OhGizmo!]


*scoff* Associating the concept with Apple's name will certainly increase visbility, but the suggestion that this is anything like an "Apple laptop desk" is laughable. Mostly because the entire notion of a laptop desk is completely antithetical to their style philosophy.

The author is right to note Apple's "minimalist flair", and part of that minimalism is the idea that laptops shouldn't need a desk — and if you're someplace where a laptop is too cumbersome to use without some support or surface, there's always their handy and affordable iPad accessory you can switch to instead. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

The other un-Apple-esque issue with this is that "phone slot". It's fine for holding the device, but the idea of someone using the touchscreen while it's teetering there with no support at the back feels like a recipe for cracking the screen.


Can Apple redesign that couch? It's awful!