Google’s Air Fleet Got ‘Improper’ Fuel Discounts

Company that manages Google’s private planes bought fuel at below market prices, says government report

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Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt (R) speaks beside co-founders Sergey Brin (L) and Larry Page at the Sun Valley Inn in Sun Valley, Idaho July 8, 2010.

A company responsible for managing a fleet of aircrafts used by Google execs has been reportedly purchasing fuel from the government at below market prices, resulting in more than $5 million in erroneous savings.

According to a report published by the NASA Inspector General on Wednesday, H211 bought the improperly priced fuel from a provider working under the U.S. Defense Department at the NASA Ames Research Center, where Google’s planes are housed. The report specifies that the error was caused by a misunderstanding and not “intentional misconduct.”

Fuel was apparently sold to H211 at discount rates because the provider was under the assumption that the fleet was being used exclusively for NASA-related flights. While the planes were loaned out to NASA from time to time, they were primarily used by the internet search engine’s bigwigs from August 2012 to July 2013.



Make 'em pay it back with interest and at least a 100% penalty.


This is an old story. Bringing it up now has to benefit somebody in the Administration politically.

Sorry for the cynicism -- Just so used to the "never let a crisis go to waste" and the incessant speeches in front of staged audiences to expect a simple honest statement from NASA.


What do you mean misunderstanding - are they retarded?? These execs should be prosecuted. Rich as@#*((#$ stealing from the federal government means they're stealing from all of us.