Remember 2013? If Not, Twitter Recaps the Year’s Big Moments for You

Twitter's end-of-the-year recap site highlights popular hashtags and topics by month along with a stream of popular tweets from the news, entertainment, sports and showcase categories.

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We’re not even halfway through December, but that hasn’t stopped anyone (including/especially the media – sorry!) from looking back at 2013 already.

Twitter recently rolled out its end-of-the-year recap site, highlighting popular hashtags and topics by month along with a stream of popular tweets collected under the news, entertainment, sports and showcase headings.

You can browse the whole kit and caboodle here, but if you’re feeling like you’d like to save that click for sometime later in the day, here’s a brief overview of some of each month’s events (click each month’s name to go directly to Twitter’s encapsulation of it):

  • January: London chopper crash, the Australian Open, the inauguration
  • February: Super Bowl, Academy Awards, Fashion Week
  • March: New pope, March Madness
  • April: Boston Marathon bombings, Margaret Thatcher dies
  • May: Soccer, cricket and more soccer
  • June: NBA Finals, DOMA/Prop 8, Stanley Cup, India floods
  • July: Wimbledon, the Royal Baby (squeeee!!!!!!!!), Tour de France, Sharknado
  • August: 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, MTV VMAs
  • September: Elections in Australia and Germany, Emmys
  • October: Government shutdown, World Serie
  • November: Typhoon Haiyan, Bat Kid, Iran Talks
  • December: Mandela dies, World Cup draw, looking forward to Sochi

So there you have it. Who needs a working memory – short term or long term – when we have all this great technology at our disposal?

2013 Year on Twitter [ via Engadget]


Don't forget the memes, Doge, "Gotta Go Fast", and "Surprise Bitch."