This Smart Light Bulb Keeps Working Even If the Power Goes Out

You can even turn it on and off from the light switch.

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The SmartCharge looks like an ordinary LED light bulb, except that it’s got a built-in rechargeable battery. When the power to your house is working as it should, the SmartCharge acts as just another lightbulb while topping off its internal battery using your home’s wiring.

When the power goes out, however, the bulb will keep working for up to four hours. And what’s more, it’ll remember the last position of the light switch that’s controlling it.

So if you turned off the light before you left the house and the power goes out while you’re at work, when you get back home, you’ll still have four hours of juice stored up. You can see the feature in action at around the 1:30 mark in the video below.

The SmartCharge is currently a Kickstarter project that’s looking to raise $50,000 and start shipping in April of next year. So far it’s at about $10,000 shy of its goal with almost a month to go, so it’s looking pretty good that this will become an actual product someday.

It’s not exactly cheap. Those who pledge $35 will get a single bulb, but it’s apparently rated for up to 25 years of use, and you’ll need to replace the rechargeable lithium-ion battery every three to four years. Might make for a good solution if you live in a remote area prone to power outages, though.

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Okay Smart Charge folks take it a step further... While the lamp is in use design the charging circuit to turn off the main power once fully charged to save energy and my electric bill, then you really have something.


There is only one item plugged into the power strip and it is NOT the black lamp. Yet the black lamp's bulb goes out when he unplugs a singe plug (supposedly the power strip's) from the wall. Seems to me the bulb with the battery can stay on when the power goes, but I'm not sold that you can turn it on/off from your wall switch while the power is out.


Conspiracy theory: The plug is only giving power to the 'normal' light.