Finally, a Giant Vending Machine Full of Rentable Cars

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This is the Kandi Machine, a giant garage full of on-demand electric cars that can be rented out for around three bucks an hour. The company behind the idea is named — you guessed it — Kandi, and the whole shebang’s being launched in Hangzhou, China.

It’s like a mishmash of bike-sharing services and Zipcar. As both a Hubway bike-share member and a Zipcar member here in Boston, I much prefer the ability to take a bike from one dock near my house and leave it in another dock by my office. With Zipcar, I have to return the car to where it was originally parked, making it less than ideal for commuting to and from work. This Kandi system lets you take a car from one garage and drop it off at another.

Cool stuff. Check out the eight-minute video above if you’re interested in this stuff. It’d be nice to see something quick, easy and relatively inexpensive like this roll out on a wide-scale level here in the U.S. someday. I’d love to be able to drive to and from TIME headquarters in New York once a month for around $30 round-trip, for instance.

Kandi Crush: An Electric-Car Vending Machine From China Could Upend The Auto Industry [Forbes]


And this is just the beginning! The next Tesla like story of 2014.


This is just the start.  Each tower houses 30 to 300 cars.  They are making hundreds of towers in Hanghzou and it looks like they are moving to Shanghai.  Pollution is such an epidemic over there that people literally are dying from pollution and they close down entire cities because of smog.  They cannot afford to have a billion cars on the road - they are already over polluted.  For this reason, this company is going to be one of the more successful in China.  They are already making these cars with the owners of Volvo and I think if everything goes well, don't be surprised if they are the biggest EV maker in the world in a year or two.  They are saving our planet from fumes and oil consumption and if you want to support a green car maker, invest in KNDI - stock ticker on Wall Street for those wanting to support green stocks!