PlayStation 4 Doubles Down, Sells 4.2 Million Units Worldwide

PlayStation 4 sales have doubled since the last sales marker in early December, says Sony.

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Before announcing its new PlayStation Now streaming service, Sony’s Andrew House took a moment to update watchers on PlayStation 4 sales. At last check in early December, Sony said it had sold 2.1 million units worldwide. Today, House said the number of systems sold-through — that is, purchased by consumers, not just shipped to stores — has doubled, surpassing 4.2 million units worldwide. That’s the company’s tally from system launch on November 15, through December 28.

Sony’s announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft’s, made yesterday, when Redmond marketing honcho Yusuf Mehdi said the Xbox One had sold 3 million units worldwide through the end of 2013. Before you let the million-plus differential bum you out, Xbox One owners, recall that Sony had a week lead over the Xbox One, which didn’t launch until November 22 (though it’s also important to factor territory availability — Sony launched in a fraction as many as Microsoft at the outset). The PS4 is also $100 cheaper, which is surely a significant factor.

Sony also talked up PS4 software sales: 9.7 million worldwide, with a PlayStation Plus subscription service surge of 90 percent since the PS4’s North American launch.

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So if Xbox One sells 1 million consoles next week we can consider it even.


There's quite a few ways to look at this.  First, the PS4 did launch first in North America (USA/Canada).  The Xbox One launched a week later, but in 13 countries, including North America and parts of Europe.  Then, a week after the Xbox launch, Sony launched the PS4 in 30 additional countries.  To date, the PS4 is in over 50 countries, while the Xbox One has only launched in its initial 13.  With Japan's PS4 launch yet to come, and news of China lifting the ban on game consoles, the PS4 will most likely only see it's numbers grow quickly.

Quite frankly, I'm impressed with Sony's supply chain.


@Lacerz HAHAHAH China will never ever break the ban of consoles :). And even if it is. Most gamers would'nt buy consoles considered that Chinese gamers prefers PC games much more :). Let just take a look at south korea for an example, they didn't ban consoles at all and still nobody give a crap about console ( South korea is a PC zone XD ). However, Even if the consoles is not sell good in China( assuming if they ever break the ban ) The ps4 will still going to take the lead no matter what ! Since we Asian is familiar with Playstation gens than the Xbone :P