FLIR Smartphone Case Gives Your iPhone Thermal Vision

FLIR enters the consumer market with a $350 iPhone case.

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Doug Aamoth / TIME

Right off the bat, I can think of two types of people who might be interested in a $350 case that turns the iPhone camera into a thermal imaging camera: ghost hunters and home inspectors. And if you’re a home inspector who moonlights as a ghost hunter, well here’s your next purchase.

While big-boy thermal imaging cameras can cost thousands, FLIR has shrewdly concluded that maybe not everybody has deep pockets and maybe having a pocketable thermal imaging camera with you at all times would be kind of cool.

The FLIR One case leverages a special app to grab heat signatures and detect temperatures, and what you see on the screen can be captured as photos and video just like you’re using the iPhone’s built-in camera app.

The case itself doesn’t add too, too much bulk considering the functionality it adds, and it doubles as a backup battery if your iPhone battery runs low. A FLIR rep told me the battery pack will last four hours for powering the thermal camera, or you can re-route the power to your iPhone instead.

Look for this in the spring. There will be Android options available closer to the end of the year, too.

Product Page [FLIR]

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" Home inspector racket" ?

Actually you mean Home Inspection and it's far from a racket pal.

I've never felt more satisfied than heading home after preventing a 

hard working single mother form purchasing a piece of garbage 

which is unsafe to inhabit and fixed up pretty to the eye.

We perform a crucial service and protect people's money and lives.

What do you do that is so God like to make such an observation 

of my trade?



Its thermal resolution is not high enough for diagnostics (the high res example images are faked), but you can bet that will change with future improved models. Yes, thermography is a science, but it is not "rocket science" and you can bet FLIR will be improving their software and providing courseware to widen their market. So, those in the home inspector racket SHOULD be nervous.

As is, this first model should have a good market among boaters for night vision and spotting man overboard, particularly if FLIR had the foresight to make it splash-proof.


I'm a Licensed home inspector and I'm looking at it from the other end ..

I'm all for technology becoming cheaper and more available but.....

Do you think we want listing agents running around with this lil junker on their Iphone

making our lives miserable, questioning our reports? 

Or a home buyer onsite at an inspection interpreting shadows as leaks and creating havoc?

If I show up at a job site and anybody has one of these I'm leaving ...

They have no understanding of what they are viewing.

It's a toy .....a real camera costs 10 grand and up .

We are trained to interpret the Signature..No you can't become a Proficient Thermographer / Home Inspector

because you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express lastnite !  (you know this is inevitable)

Iphone fanboys and agents with these should avoid Home Inspectors during an Inspection, trust me.

This is a nightmare in the making !


Nice! But if a home inspector turned up with one of these I would show him or her the door. It would be like going in for an operation and the surgeon whips out his Swiss Army knife.