Which Cell Phone Carrier Is the Least Expensive?

This study looked at the monthly bills of 1,876 U.S. mobile subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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Verizon customers, on average, pay more in total for their cellular service than customers of all other U.S. carriers, new research done by financial advisory firm Cowen and Company and published by ArsTechnica shows.

The average Verizon monthly bill comes in at $148, a number that takes into account family plans, taxes and fees. That’s slightly more than both Sprint ($144) and AT&T ($141). T-Mobile customers enjoy the lowest bills, with an average monthly charge of just $120. The Cohen study looked at the monthly bills of 1,876 U.S. mobile subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Verizon is the most expensive carrier, in part, because it’s the most technologically advanced of the four. The company has largely finished its nationwide rollout of 4G LTE while the others are still playing catch up. It should come as no surprise that T-Mobile is the least expensive of the four – the carrier is waging war against the industry, offering reasonable international roaming prices and huge bounties of money to switch.

Another interesting fact in the study: Those of us who have iPhones tend to spend more on our cell service ($104) than those with Android devices ($94). And if you’re still holding on to your old clamshell phone, you’re indeed saving money – non-smartphone owners only pay $63 per month on average.

For more information on saving money on your cell phone bills, check out our guide to discount prepaid cell plans and our coverage of T-Mobile’s latest price drops.

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Techlicious.

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Not much of an article.  I prefer the cheapest plan possible.  I've had a number of carriers over the years, but the cheapest I've found is Virgin Mobile which is the reason I have used them for more than 5 years.  I pay now, and have been paying for the past 5 years, a flat $ 25 per month for 300 minutes of voice, and unlimited text and web.  Anybody here reading this no of a cheaper rate ?


I actually switched from Virgin Mobile to Republic Wireless back in November. I'm still paying $25 a month but I'm get unlimited minutes, 3G data and texts. Their coverage is actually a little better than Virgin Mobile's in the comparison tests I did and the Moto X is probably the best phone I've ever owned. They're definitely worth checking out for someone that wants an unrestricted plan that won't break the bank.

Oh and they don't throttle data either! I love RW!


@jasonthomasdesign  I checked them out, and some of their plans seem cheaper than Virgin Mobile, but the only phone they list is $ 300 !  I have two (2) LG OPTIMUS SLIDER smart phones I use on Virgin Mobile and they cost me less than $29 each NEW !  They both work perfectly, and are the best phones I've ever had.  The cost pf Republic's phone is a KILLER and a deal-breaker.  Thanks for the info anyway.