FINALLY, a Powered Cup That Automates Your Drinking

It's 2014 and we're still here manually sipping our favorite bevarines like a planet full of absolute savages. There's GOT to be a better way!

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Drink E-Z / YouTube

It’s 2014 and we’re still here manually sipping our favorite bevarines like a planet full of absolute savages. There’s GOT to be a better way!

An Indiegogo project called Drink E-Z is looking to raise $65,000 to build “an automated power assisted drinking cup.” The cup runs off of three AAA batteries that power a tiny pump, which shoots whatever’s in the cup up through the straw whenever you press the button on the side of the cup.

The cup is loosely positioned as a medical aid for people who have just had their wisdom teeth pulled or who have just had surgery. It even goes a step further, claiming that manually sucking your drinks up through a savage-straw can lead to wrinkles – ergo, the cup prevents wrinkles, right?

But let’s get down to business: This is a cup for ‘Mericans. Did we lose a war? Why, oh why, are we still burning precious calories with old-timey straws? The cup’s designer lives in Canada, but still… USA! USA! USA!

A $35 pledge will get you early access to one of the cups, which are slated to start shipping in June. That’s assuming this project hits its funding goal – but, come on. How could it not?

Drink E-Z [Indiegogo via Ross Rubin]


Seriously.  You need something to squirt your sugar water crap into your mouth?  Next you will be wanting the suction toilet.  The suction toilet will help you....  never mind....  


I have two issues with this article.

Do you need to be so lazy you can't pull fluid through a straw? And

What the heck is a bevarines ??  I looked it up and there are at least a dozen other web pubs with the same misspelling. So not only is the author in need of a proof reader, but all the other pubs just copied/pasted and added no value (Time Inc included).

I guess they are the intended consumers for this power straw/cup!