Are Video Games Good or Bad? Kids Weigh In

One kid really likes her playstoiton3.

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According to some of the kids in the above video from Game Dave, video games are good. One kid really likes her playstoiton3.

According to some of the other kids, video games are bad. One kid says video games can make you blind and make you eat stuff you’ve never eaten before. She’s right about the food thing, although I wouldn’t call it a bad experience: One time when I was a kid, my friend Ryan came over to play video games and asked if we had any Tostitos and sour cream. That was the first time I’d dipped chips directly into sour cream. It was NOT the last, believe you me.

Kids On Games – Are Games Bad For You? [YouTube via Kotaku]


PC gamers are more intelligent on average. Prove me wrong, console scum. 


@GuoLiang  I wouldn't say on average. Tech wise, since you are assembling and/or regularly upgrading your gaming device, you probably know more about computers than a console gamer. However, you are making an unsubstantiated claim that can't quickly be proved right or wrong. To me, the snotty PC gamers saying to console gamers, "We're better than you" or "You suck" are just showing a lack of maturity and/or intelligence. Go figure.