Steve Jobs’ Mouse Dug Up Inside 30-Year-Old Time Capsule

Still far more comfortable to use than Apple's hockey puck mouse.

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Ted Thai / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

Steve Jobs poses with the Lisa computer during a 1983 press preview.

As legend has it, Steve Jobs gave a talk at a conference in Aspen back in 1983 and, as part of the conference, donated the Apple Lisa mouse he used during the presentation to a giant time capsule that was later buried nearby.

CNET’s Daniel Terdiman reports that the time capsule was to be dug up in 2000, but the location of the capsule got all discombobulated due “in part to a major landscaping project in the area.”

However, a National Geographic show called “Diggers” found and unearthed the capsule last fall. The episode spotlighting the unearthing will air February 25, but here’s CNET’s exclusive clip of the event.

These guys are excited, no? Like, over-the-top TV excited.

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