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A Virtual Storage Locker For Google Docs

Today via its Docs Blog, Google announced plans to offer additional file storage space through Google Docs.

Instead of storing files (media, pdfs, photos, etc) in your email account, Google Docs users will be able to upload these files directly into their Docs account. (Hello, computer backup!) Says Google:

“Instead of emailing …

Who Knew Vader Could Dance?

Star Wars in France: I’d like to imagine this is what happened when George Lucas got stoned with Sonny and Cher, plus green screen access.

To me, there is nothing more pitifully adorable than bad homages caught on film, and this latest disaster to go semi-viral would certainly be up there on my list of them. The Star Wars franchise …

Iron Man’s New Suit: Basically Void Of Change

“There’s never been a superhero like the new Iron Man!” …Except for the old Iron Man, who was exactly the same, only in a slightly different suit.

Yesterday, Marvel posted photos of Tony Stark’s new alter-ego duds, and to be honest, I can’t really tell the difference. Overall, that’s probably a good thing. You just don’t overhaul …

Take Away The 3D And What Is “Avatar” Really Worth?

After raking in a billion dollars and selling out a few thousand 3D screenings, the film force that is Avatar has seeped into TV execs’ fantasies.

Variety is reporting that FX just bought the basic cable rights to James Cameron’s blockbusting flick Avatar for a tidy $25 million sum.

But, take away the large screens, the surround …

Marvel Fights For Spidey, Mutants

Marvel is suing to keep the rights to superheroes including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and X-Men.

The federal lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan asks a judge to invalidate notices sent by the heirs of artist Jack Kirby to try to terminate Marvel’s copyrights.

The heirs sent notified several companies last year that the rights to …

Obama vs. LOST: Will The State Of The Union Trump Show’s Premiere?

LOST fans are gearing up for the beginning of the end. The White House is prepping for, yeah okay, something pretty important, too.

One of the possible dates for the upcoming State of the Union is Feb. 2 – the same date as the premiere of the final season of the ABC favorite.

Twitter and Facebook have been cloaked with …

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