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Aamoth handles tech-related news, reviews, how-to's and videos as an editor at TIME. He lives in Boston and has spent around 20 years in the tech industry.

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Android Running On The iPhone

Android phone or iPhone? That is the question. And it now appears that you can have both. Sort of. An enterprising individual has managed to get Google’s Android operating system up and running on a second-generation iPhone. He says that getting the same result on an iPhone 3G “should be pretty simple,” though the 3GS may provide …

Cryptids: The Starchild Skull

The Story

In the 1930s, a girl exploring the Copper Canyon region of Mexico stumbled upon an adult-sized skeleton in an abandoned mine. Next to the skeleton was a mound of dirt under which was buried a child-size skeleton.

Once unearthed, the skull of the smaller skeleton proved to be unusual in that “the volume of the interior …

They Should Make It: Google AdWords For Digital Billboards

Digital billboards exist, yes, but why not make some of them connected billboards that anybody could use to run custom advertising campaigns similar to how Google’s AdWords platform works?

If you do a search on Google, the ads you see on the right-hand side of the search results pages are AdWords advertisements. People and companies …

Top Ten Monday Tech Deals

It’s Monday. Let’s ease into it like Brett Favre into a warm bath with some handpicked deals. I’ve taken the liberty of arranging them in a top ten list from good to great in the hopes of highlighting the day’s best deals without much extraneous fluff.

10. Philips Refurbished GoGear 4GB MP3 Player: $19.99 (


Leaked 7- And 10-inch Dell Tablets Not Coming That Soon

Dell is slowly ambling its way into the tablet arena. This summer we’ll see the Dell Streak 5, an unfortunately-named 5-inch Android tablet that’ll feature AT&T 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. That’s a decently sized screen but the 800×480 resolution may leave people wanting more.

In that spirit, Dell will also be launching 7- and

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