Doug Aamoth

Aamoth handles tech-related news, reviews, how-to's and videos as an editor at TIME. He lives in Boston and has spent around 20 years in the tech industry.

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Toshiba Prepping Windows 7 And Android Tablets

Everybody, please welcome Toshiba to the tablet party. The company is currently developing a few different slate designs and will offer some with Windows 7 and some with Android.

Toshiba America’s Jeff Barney said the devices will launch this year, although a firm timeframe hasn’t been established yet. Aside from a standard 10-inch

Cryptids: The Mothman

All hail the Mothman, one of the most hauntingly provocative cryptids in the history of cryptozoology. Let’s start with some quick stats:

Height: 6.5- to 7-feet

Body: Half man, half bird with large wingspan and glowing red eyes

Superpowers: Flight speeds of 100+ miles per hour, reportedly shows up right before certain …

They Should Make It: Connected Self Replenishing Refrigerator

The home of the future will be insanely connected–everything talking to everything else. And while I don’t really care if my toaster is able to network with my coffee maker just yet, one of the things that intrigues me the most is the concept of a refrigerator that would be able to sense volume levels of certain containers and, when …

Apple Outs New MacBook Pros

Apple unveiled its updated line of MacBook Pros this morning. The 13-inch model starts at $1199, the 15-inch at $1799, and the 17-inch at $2299.

Highlights include ten-hour battery life and NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics on the 13-inch model. The 15- and 17-inch models feature GeForce 330M graphics paired with an Intel HD graphics chip, …

Google Working In ‘Stealth Mode’ On Android Tablet?

Funny how we didn’t hear much out of Google when the Apple iPad launched. If there’s one company that could legitimately compete by bringing a tablet with similar specs to market, it’d be Google and its Android operating system. While various Android tablets are available with 5- to 7-inch screens and 800×480 resolutions, it seems …

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