Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken is an editor at large at TIME, where he writes about personal technology for the magazine and TIME.com. He’s been a gadget nerd since the late 1970s and is the founder of Technologizer and the former editor in chief at PC World magazine. He's talked tech on everything from the History Channel to Dateline NBC to NPR's Science Friday. Contact him at harry_mccracken@timemagazine.com.

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HP 3D: Passive vs. Active

HP announced a 3D PC display and a 3D PC yesterday. To me, at least, the most interesting thing about them is that the company chose a different flavor of 3D for each device.

First the display. Its official moniker is the HP 2311gt 3D monitor, and it’s a 23″ LED-backlit display. Like most 3D movies you see in theaters, the 3D is …

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BlackBerry: Vision Needed

I don’t mean to be painfully Pollyannaish, but I’m almost glad that RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis didn’t announce any new products or other major news at the keynote during its DevCon conference in San Francisco, which I attended on Tuesday morning. A year ago, at the 2010 edition of the event, he unveiled the PlayBook tablet. I got all

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Greetings from iLine 2011

Once again, Apple is releasing a new iPhone. Once again, I’m in line at the crack of dawn at the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. This time I’m here with my wife Marie, who’s excited about upgrading from an iPhone 3GS to a 4S. We’ve been here for an hour; there were around 40 folks here when we arrived, along with a few …

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Roku Dips Below $50, Adds HBO GO

Roku, which pretty much invented the cheap, easy-to-use Internet TV streaming box, is the sort of scrappy startup which you might have assumed would get steamrolled by mammoth competitors early on.

Instead, it’s continued to do well even as Apple and Google have muscled in on its territory—in part because it’s a fine product, in …

Technologizer Technologizer

The Steve Jobs Keynote I Missed

Twenty-seven years ago, I foolishly passed up the opportunity to go to a Steve Jobs keynote. I haven’t been kicking myself ever since, but I do feel bad every time I stop to think about it—such as right this moment.

I was a member of the Boston Computer Society, an amazing institution which Jonathan Rotenberg had founded in 1977, …

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