Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken is an editor at large at TIME, where he writes about personal technology for the magazine and TIME.com. He’s been a gadget nerd since the late 1970s and is the founder of Technologizer and the former editor in chief at PC World magazine. He's talked tech on everything from the History Channel to Dateline NBC to NPR's Science Friday. Contact him at harry_mccracken@timemagazine.com.

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Technologizer Technologizer

With Electronic Toys, Simplicity Is Everything

Only a weirdo would use a thirty-year-old word processor to get real work done. (I know what I’m talking about: I used word processors back then, and don’t want to go back.) There’s nothing particularly strange, however, about playing thirty-year-old electronic games.

Such as Ms. Pac-Man, for instance, a game that’s still beloved and …

Technologizer Technologizer

Ten Ways to Celebrate the IBM PC’s 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago today, IBM announced its first PC, the 5150. It wasn’t the best PC of its era, or even the most interesting—but it was surely the most important one. That’s because it spawned a standard that quickly came to dominate the market, and which continues to this day. If you’re reading this on a Windows computer, you’re using …

Technologizer Technologizer

Apple’s iCloud Pricing vs. the Competition

Apple has announced pricing for its upcoming iCloud service. In typical Apple fashion, the company kept things simple. 5GB of online storage is free; 10GB is $20 a year; 20GB is $40 a year; 50GB is $100 a year. (Most other cloud-storage companies price by the month rather than the year, which makes it tougher to judge what you’re really …

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