Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken is an editor at large at TIME, where he writes about personal technology for the magazine and TIME.com. He’s been a gadget nerd since the late 1970s and is the founder of Technologizer and the former editor in chief at PC World magazine. He's talked tech on everything from the History Channel to Dateline NBC to NPR's Science Friday. Contact him at harry_mccracken@timemagazine.com.

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Technologizer Technologizer

Mobile Computing is Thirty Years Old This Weekend

Sad but true: We have no national holidays in this country that pay tribute to our great technological heritage. But if we did, April 3rd would be a good candidate. On that day in 1981, at a trade show in San Francisco, a startup called Osborne Computer Corporation announced the Osborne 1, the first mass-produced portable computer. That …

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