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Apple’s GarageBand Gets a Gig on the iPhone

You’re walking out of the grocery store when the idea hits you: The Greatest Song of All Time. All the elements are in your head–drums, bass, guitar, vocals–and ready to be recorded into reality. But alas, you don’t have your iPad, so you don’t have GarageBand! And by the time you get home, the idea is gone.

That’ll never happen …

RIM Launches BBM Music, and It’s Doomed Already

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is forging ahead with its BBM Music offering, an attempt at creating a viral music service that will probably fall flat.

BBM Music launches today with a free 60-day trial, and costs $5 per month thereafter. Here’s how it works:

You pick 50 songs for your music library. If you know anyone who’s …

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