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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Explained

On Wednesday, Google and Samsung announced the Galaxy Nexus smartphone (previously rumored as the “Nexus Prime”). But a phone is only as good as its software, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which will debut on the Galaxy Nexus, is a major update that will eventually be the standard for Android phones and tablets.

Here’s a closer look …

The Future of BlackBerry Is ‘BBX’

Taking a cue from iOS and Android, Research in Motion has announced a single platform called BBX for its future phones and tablets.

BBX is RIM’s attempt to combine the fading BlackBerry smartphone platform with the young but struggling QNX operating system that debuted on the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM made the announcement at its …

HTC Rhyme Review: Hardware, pH-Balanced

As a male tech writer, Verizon Wireless’ HTC Rhyme is not a phone I would buy for myself. Its plum exterior appeals to more feminine tastes, and its tech specs are far from the cutting edge.

Still, I was happy to take the HTC Rhyme for a spin on a loaner device provided for review. It’s an intriguing handset, with a focus on …

Your Apple Store Might Still Have the iPhone 4S

If you want an iPhone 4S but didn’t want to wait in line, you may be in luck. Some Apple Stores and other retailers still have the iPhone 4S in stock after the iLines have cleared.

My nearest Apple Store in Cincinnati was still selling the iPhone 4S for all carriers, although not all models were available on Sprint. 9to5Mac has also

iPhone 4S Reviews: No Disappointments

The wait for Apple’s iPhone 4S is almost over—it launches on Friday—but already a select batch of reviewers have laid hands on Apple’s latest handset. No surprises here: They dig it. Here’s a roundup of the first iPhone 4S reviews.


As you’ve probably heard, the iPhone 4S looks exactly like its predecessor, with two glass …

Adobe Shows Off Blurry Picture Fix in Photoshop

You had the perfect shot. Everything was framed just right, your subjects were smiling, and the lighting was beautiful. But then you hit the camera button with a little too much gusto, and the whole photo came out a blurry mess.

Fortunately, Adobe has demonstrated a fix for blurry photos in Photoshop. Using advanced algorithms, the …

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