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HP TouchPad Might Not Be Dead After All

HP’s TouchPad tablets might not be gone for good, even after the fire sale ends. A company executive believes that the doomed tablet, which was more popular in death than in life, could make a comeback if HP spins off its personal computer business.

The TouchPad was on the market for about six weeks before HP announced that it would …

No 4-Inch iPhone 5 After All, Report Says

Apple will buck the trend of bigger screens in the iPhone 5, either sticking with a 3.5-inch display or a slightly larger 3.7-inch screen according to the latest rumor.

A handful of reports from earlier this year claimed that the iPhone 5 would a have a 4-inch screen, thanks to an edge-to-edge design that makes better use of the …

Apple Subscription TV Rumor Resurfaces, Still Shaky

You know what they say about tech rumors: If you repeat them for long enough, eventually they’ll come true. The Wall Street Journal is doing its share of repeating with a rumor on Apple’s subscription television plans, which have been coming together in whispers for years.

What sayeth the WSJ’s “people familiar with the matter” now? …

Windows Phone Catch-Up Continues with Front-Facing Camera, Hotspot

As the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone “Mango” update approaches, the number of missing features keeps dwindling, with support for front-facing cameras and Wi-Fi hotspots now confirmed.

We’ve suspected that the next version of Windows Phones would support front-facing cameras, given that some upcoming Windows Phone handsets are …

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