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Federal Judge: No Warrant? No Cell Phone Location Data

A Federal court judge has done his part to fend off an Orwellian future, ruling that the government can’t collect citizens’ cell phone location data without a warrant.

The government had ordered Verizon Wireless to hand over 113 days worth of cell site location data for a criminal suspect without probable cause. In its argument, the …

New BlackBerry Curves Are Probably Not for You

If you’re the kind of person that trawls tech blogs for the latest gadget news, Research in Motion’s new BlackBerry Curve smartphones probably won’t do anything for you.

The latest BlackBerry Curves—model numbers 9350, 9360 and 9370—look like unremarkable upgrades to the standard BlackBerry formula. They’ve got 2.44-inch screens …

More Evidence That Slacking Off on the Web Is Good for Work

Go ahead and watch that funny cat video your co-worker sent. Chances are you’ll both be more productive afterward.

A new study found that browsing the Internet refreshes tired workers, more so than checking e-mail, sending text messages or making phone calls. Don J.Q. Chen and Vivien K.G Lim, of the National University of Singapore, …

‘Nexus Prime’ Rumored for October, Just in Time for the iPhone 5

Get ready for a big smartphone battle in October, when Google’s Nexus Prime Android phone is rumored to lock horns with Apple’s iPhone 5.

The Nexus Prime will reportedly run Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which will merge Google’s smartphone and tablet operating systems into a single version of software. Like previous “Nexus” phones, we …

AT&T Texting Plans Whittled to Unlimited and Pay-Per-Text

On August 21, AT&T will once again “streamline” its text messaging plans, leaving only unlimited and pay-per-text options for new subscribers.

AT&T is removing a plan that offered 1,000 text messages for $10 per month plus 10 cents for additional messages. AT&T’s other texting prices will remain the same, at $20 per month for unlimited

PlayStation 3 Price Drops to $249

Effective immediately, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is $50 cheaper. The home game system now costs $249 for a 160 GB model, or $299 for a 320 GB model.

As far as price cuts go, the PS3′s is pretty straightforward. Sony is offering a limited edition 320 GB console with Infamous 2 for $299, but otherwise there’s no additional effort to …

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