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Don’t Blame Facebook for Facial Recognition’s Creepiness

We all know Facebook is an easy privacy punching bag. The social network has a tendency to tinker with our personal data, and deservedly lands in hot water now and then with paranoid users, pundits and politicians.

But the latest episode in Facebook’s ongoing privacy drama has little to do with Facebook itself. Researchers at Carnegie …

Is a New Kindle Around the Corner?

Slashed prices for refurbished Kindles could be the latest sign that a new version of Amazon’s popular e-reader is imminent.

This week, Amazon dropped the price of refurbished, third-generation Kindles to $99 for a Wi-Fi model and $139 for a model with 3G and Wi-Fi. If purchased new, the same Kindles cost $139 and $189, respectively. …

Don’t Panic Yet, but Wikipedia Is Losing Contributors

Wikipedia’s got a problem: The site’s supply of magical fact-spewing robots — er, volunteer editors and contributors — is dwindling ever so slightly.

For every month of 2011, the online encyclopedia’s volunteer count has declined year-over-year, continuing a downward trend that began in 2010, according to the Wikipedia’s most recent

BlackBerry ‘Torch’ Re-Lit: New Specs and QWERTY-Free Design

Last year’s BlackBerry Torch was supposed to catapult Research in Motion into the age of modern smartphones, but sluggish software and rusty specs left the Torch looking like an another product from a bygone era.

Now, RIM’s trying again with a few new BlackBerry Torch models that use faster processors, bigger screens, better cameras …

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