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From his remote outpost in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jared blogs for Time, TechHive and PC World.

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Report: The iPhone 5 Might Actually Arrive in October

If you’ve been holding out on buying an iPhone in anticipation of the iPhone 5, be prepared to wait a bit longer.

All Things Digital reports that all previous rumors about a September iPhone 5 release are wrong, and that Apple’s newfangled contraption will actually arrive in October. Where does this information come from? Why, more …

How Google TV Can Be Saved

Logitech is taking a beating for throwing early support behind Google TV. The company announced that it will cut the price of its Logitech Revue Google TV box to $99, which means each unit will be sold at a loss. And just in case there was any question of whether Google TV was a flop, Logitech offered an embarrassing statistic: The Revue …

Ads Creep into Twitter Timelines, but Don’t Panic Yet

Twitter has devised a way for advertisers to make their messages more prominent in users’ timelines, but it’s not the full-fledged ad invasion that you might be fearing.

Starting today, Twitter is rolling out “Promoted Tweets” for companies like Dell, Gatorade, Groupon and HBO, as well as some non-profit organizations such as the …

Fox Paywall Coming to Online TV Shows

If you want to watch Fox shows online sooner than eight days after they air on television, be prepared to pay up.

Effective August 15, Fox will require a pay TV subscription to watch shows like Family Guy and Glee on Hulu or Fox’s own website within a week of the shows’ original air dates. For now, only Hulu Plus and Dish Network …

The First Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Handset Revealed

Fujitsu is the first phone maker to announce a Windows Phone “Mango” handset, but don’t expect to lay hands on it unless you’re in Japan.

Still, the Fujitsu IS12T has some noteworthy features that will hopefully migrate to other Windows Phones, including a whopping 13.2-megapixel camera. (HTC was previously rumored to launch a Windows …

Verizon Loses Its Mind, Ties Contract to $530 LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is getting the LTE treatment from Verizon Wireless on July 28, but chances are you won’t like the terms.

The super-slim Android tablet will start at $530 with a 4G LTE connection from Verizon Wireless, and — here’s the rub — will at that price require a two-year data contract that costs at least $30 per …

Will Amazon’s Tablet Be Cheap or Fancy? Rumors Conflict

In another sign that Amazon is cutting corners on its rumored tablet to make it as cheap as possible, a new report suggests that the device’s screen will be less capable than those of its rivals. Or not.

Whereas the touch screen on Apple’s iPad supports input from up to 10 fingers at a time, Amazon’s tablet will use a cheaper touch …

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