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More Bad News for 3D

A pair of new studies paint a dreary picture for 3D, both in movie theaters and at home.

First up, a survey by research firm BTIG found that only 36 percent of moviegoers chose the 3D version of The Green Lantern, accounting for 45 percent of box office revenue.

That makes The Green Lantern the third major 3D release in a row to …

Vizio Android Tablet Sports $350 Price Tag

The cheapening of Android tablets continues, as Vizio’s 8-inch slate is expected to launch for $350 next month, according to Engadget.

Aside from its price, which is less than most high-end Android tablets on the market, the simply-named “Vizio Tablet” includes one notable trick: It uses a built-in infrared controller to communicate …

The Tragedy of Nokia’s N9 Smartphone

The Nokia N9 might’ve been the smartphone you dreamed of in a parallel universe, where Android and the iPhone hadn’t already gobbled up the market and where third-party app developers didn’t make or break platforms. It’s a slick-looking phone with slick-looking software, but the tragedy is that none of it really matters.

The N9 runs

3D TVs to Get Cheaper as Westinghouse Enters the Fray

Budget television maker Westinghouse will do its part to drive down the cost of 3D at home with its first 3D TV.

The 47-inch LCD set, known only by its model number of W47S2TCD, has a passive 3D display and includes four pairs of glasses. Resolution is 1080p, and other perks include 3D noise reduction and inverse 3:2 pulldown for …

Father’s Day Gmail Reminder Sparks Backlash: Three Lessons for Google

Google learned some harsh lessons on Father’s Day when it reminded Gmail users to “Call dad.” Despite good intentions, the reminder triggered a backlash among users with deceased, abusive or otherwise forgotten fathers.

The message appeared in the chat section of Gmail, and could only be removed by disabling outbound calls from the …

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