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Amazon CEO Teases Tablet Plans

Jeff Bezos is toying with our emotions.

Speaking to Consumer Reports, the Amazon Chief Executive delicately suggested that there’s a tablet in the works. “Stay tuned,” Bezos said when asked directly whether Amazon is making a tablet.

But don’t call it a Kindle killer. Should Amazon launch a tablet, Bezos said, it would be …

ViewSonic ViewPad 7x Starts the 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet Party

Time for a confession: After more than a year of owning an iPad, I’ve started to look at 10-inch tablets with a bit of disdain. Sure, they’re great for video, and they allow for innovative big-screen apps, but they can be uncomfortable to hold and a pain to type on.

So in my endless search for a 7-inch alternative, ViewSonic’s …

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