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10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook? No Thank You

In a rare case where I hope the rumor proves false, Research in Motion may be planning a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

According to Boy Genius Report, the 10-inch PlayBook would debut this holiday season. The original PlayBook, a 7-inch tablet, launched last month.

Here’s the problem: The existing 7-inch PlayBook needs a lot …

HP Veer, Smartphones’ Runt, Goes to AT&T on May 15

If you’re not a fan of the oversized smartphone craze, seek solace in HP’s Veer 4G, a diminutive smartphone that’s coming to AT&T for $99 on May 15.

By hiding a slide-out QWERTY keyboard behind a 2.6-inch, 320-by-400 resolution display, the HP Veer manages to be puny. Length and width are roughly equal to a credit card, and thickness …

Gigwalk: The iPhone Photo App That Pays You

At a glance, Gigwalk sounds like a shady work-at-home marketing scam: Take pictures on your iPhone! Get paid!

In reality, Gigwalk is not as sketchy, but also not as simple. Yes, Gigwalk will pay you (via Paypal) to report on various locations and establishments in a handful of major U.S. cities, using pictures and text. The …

Hip Kids Contribute to TV Ownership Decline

A home without a TV isn’t quite as unheard of as it used to be.

New research from the Nielsen Company found that 96.7 percent of American homes have at least one television, down from 98.9 percent the last time Nielsen took count. This is the first time in 20 years that TV ownership has declined.

Nielsen partly blames the drop on …

‘Planetary’ Is a Celestial iPad Music Player

Someone didn’t tell the folks at Bloom Studio that music players are supposed to be boring, because Planetary for iPad is something entirely different.

The free app visualizes your music library as a massive galaxy, floating in deep space. Artists are represented as solar systems, their albums are planets, and each song is a moon, …

Japanese Lab Develops E-Kissing Device

Apparently not content with e-mails and video chat, a Japanese lab is trying to enhance long-distance relationships with electronic kissing.

Yeah, Kajimoto Research Laboratory’s Kiss Transmission Device looks as gross as it sounds. As demonstrated in a video from Diginfo.tv, both users hunker down in front of their respective devices, …

Onavo, the iPhone App for Data Hogs

iPhone data caps got you down? Onavo offers a solution by compressing all your data so you don’t use as much of it.

The free iPhone app claims to save up to 80 percent on a monthly data allotment. Just run the app in the background, and Onavo gets to work on crunching those bits.

It’s a useless app for the Verizon iPhone, given …

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