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Groupon for Cars? Not Quite.

Hyundai is the first auto maker to embrace Groupon, but don’t get too excited.

The Groupon deal, offered to Hyundai customers in Chicago over the last weekend, consisted of an oil change, inspection and tire rotation for $29. Roughly 1,300 people signed up for the deal, enough for the auto maker to call it a success.

“If the …

Windows 8 May Recognize Your Face

Forget about passwords and fingerprint readers, Windows laptops of the future may authenticate simply by looking at you.

Using a leaked early build of Windows 8, the hackers at Windows8italia discovered a sensor programming interface with the ability to “detect human presence.” Presumably, this would allow the computer to power on …

Kindle for Android Tablets, Available Now

For the new wave of touch screen operating systems, a Kindle app is a status symbol. iPad? There’s a Kindle app for that. Android phones? Ditto. Blackberry Playbook? Sorry, no. WebOS? Nuh uh.

Now, you can add Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the list of platforms deemed worthy by Amazon’s app makers. The latest update to Kindle for Android

Droid Charge, Another Verizon LTE Phone, Costs $300

HTC’s Thunderbolt will soon have some competition in the Droid Charge from Samsung, Verizon’s second 4G LTE phone.

The Droid Charge will cost $300 on contract when it launches April 28. That’s a steep price for a phone with a single-core 1 GHz processor — dual-core is where it’s at for today’s top-shelf handsets — but Verizon’s …

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