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LG Thrive is AT&T’s First Pre-Paid Android Smartphone

AT&T is finally giving prepaid subscribers a smartphone in the LG Thrill.

The Thrill isn’t the most powerful Android handset on the market. Running Android 2.2, the Thrill has a wimpy 600 MHz processor, and the display is on the small side at 3.2 inches. There’s a 3.2 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 GB microSD card inside.

But …

3 of 10 U.S. Web Searches Powered by Bing

Microsoft has hit a milestone in its slow search ascent, with Bing powering 30 percent of searches in the United States.

That’s only if you include both Bing and Yahoo, which is powered by Microsoft’s search engine. Separately, Bing is still in third place with 14.32 percent of the market in March, according to Hitwise. Yahoo has …

Ad-Supported Amazon Kindle Coming for $114

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is getting another price cut, but only if you’re willing to look at advertisements.

The ad-supported Kindle with Wi-Fi will cost $114 when it ships on May 3. That’s $25 cheaper than the existing Kindle with Wi-Fi, and $75 cheaper than the Kindle 3G. The Kindle With Special Offers, as it is formally known, is

Is This the Windows 8 App Store?

Rumors of a Windows 8 app store have resurfaced, with a website posting what it claims are leaked screenshots.

The screenshots, posted by Chinese-language website CNBeta, show a store that looks awfully similar to the Mac App Store, which launched in January. There’s a big pane for a featured app on top, followed by a grid of …

Firefox 5 Nearly 2 Months Away

Just settling in with Firefox 4? Don’t get too comfortable, because Firefox 5 is expected to arrive on June 21.

Mozilla, which creates the Firefox browser, has moved to an 18-week development cycle, promising new versions of Firefox at a rapid pace. But Firefox 5 will actually be developed on a shortened 13-week cycle, putting it on …

Hey Apple, Pick Woz Up for Our Sake

As the Apple I computer turns 35, Steve Wozniak seems willing to return to the company he co-founded.

Wozniak is still on the Apple payroll, even though he hasn’t worked at the company since 1987. Asked by Reuters whether he’d play a more active role at Apple if asked today, Wozniak responded, “I’d consider it, yeah.”

But Wozniak’s …

Samsung’s 3D Glasses, Much Cheaper Soon

We’ve come a long way from the days of $200 3D glasses.

Starting April 24, Samsung will give away two pairs of active shutter glasses with all its 3D LED and Plasma TVs. On May 1, the company will drop the suggested retail price of its 3D glasses to $50, and they’ll probably sell for less in stores. Each pair of 3D glasses previously …

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