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iPhones and iPads Get a Free Month of MLB.tv Streaming

Just in time for opening day, Major League Baseball’s MLB.tv app for iPhone and iPad is getting a month of free, live game streams.

As with all streaming on MLB.tv, you’re limited to out-of-market games, so forget about watching your favorite team on an iPhone or iPad if they’re also playing on television in your area. In other words, …

The Human Heart Could Power Gadgets of the Future

Thanks to new developments in nanotechnology, we may some day be able to charge up our gadgets just by living and breathing.

Scientists have developed a tiny chip that generates power from bodily motions. That may sound like kinetic energy, but it’s actually a set of zinc oxide nanowires that create electricity when strained or …

AT&T’s 4G Phones Crippled Until April

For weeks, AT&T customers have grumbled about slow uploads on their supposedly super-fast phones, the Motorola Atrix 4G and HTC Inspire 4G. Now, the carrier’s saying upload speeds will be crippled until some time in April.

The issue lies with High-Speed Uplink Packet Access, or HSUPA, a data transfer protocol capable of 5.5 Mbps …

Pinch to Zoom? Samsung Dreams Up Another Way

Over the last couple years, pinch-to-zoom has become a vital feature for any self-respecting smartphone, but Samsung thinks it has a better idea.

While using the web browser in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S II smartphone, users will be able to zoom by holding two fingers on the screen and moving the phone closer and farther from their …

Rumor: iOS 5 May Finally Bring Extensive Voice Commands

A long-overdue overhaul to Apple’s iPhone voice commands may arrive with the next version of iOS, at least according to the rumor mill.

Nearly two years have passed since Apple introduced voice commands for the iPhone, allowing users to place calls and play music by holding the iPhone’s home button and speaking. But next to Android’s …

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