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Lexar’s First With a 128 GB SDXC Card

Professional photographers and videographers, and wealthy amateurs, take note: Lexar now sells an SDXC memory card with a whopping 128 GB of storage.

SDXC refers to the latest generation of SD memory cards. Theoretically, SDXC supports up to 2 TB of storage and transfer speeds of 104 MB per second. We’re not nearly there yet, but …

Tech Supply Shortages Loom After Japan Earthquake

Consumers could be looking at higher prices on televisions, PCs and phones in the wake of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan last Friday.

Although the effects of the quake on Japan’s tech manufacturing industry are still unclear, major display panel makers such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are facing shortages …

Sprint’s Dual-Screen Kyocera Echo: Good Good? Or Bad Bad?

Need yet another screen in your life? Starting April 17, Sprint will give you two for the price of one in Kyocera’s Echo.

The Echo, running Android 2.2, is the first Android phone to feature two touch screens, each measuring 3.5 inches and joined together by a pivoting hinge that lets you fold the phone into a single-screen handset. …

Some iPad 2 Users Report Screen Bleeding

Here’s a bit of schadenfreude for the folks who can’t find or don’t want an iPad 2: Some owners of Apple’s new tablet say the edges of their screens are bleeding light.

YouTube user IAmPhones has documented the problem in a video, which clearly shows a patch of white light on the side of the screen near the iPad 2’s home button. Users …

Pwn2Own Roundup: Apple Fails, Google Stays Strong

The hackers at last week’s Pwn2Own contest had a field day with some of the world’s most popular browsers, but they didn’t make a clean sweep.

Pwn2Own pits security experts against web browsers on laptops and smartphones. At stake are cash prizes of $15,000 per exploit, along with the actual hardware on which the browsers were hacked. …

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