Keith Wagstaff

Keith Wagstaff is a writer at TIME’s Techland covering the web, robotics, and internet security and privacy. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he indulges in such analog activities as eating copious amounts of cheese and reading books made out of paper.

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Nokia Outfits Man’s Prosthetic Arm with a Smartphone Dock

Britain’s Trevor Prideaux liked smartphones but found he had a problem—born without a left arm, touchscreens were hard to use one-handed. Luckily Nokia stepped in and worked with medical professionals at the Exeter Mobility Centre to design a specially fitted prosthetic arm with a dock that houses his Nokia C7 perfectly.

The …

Want to Predict the Stock Market? Try Yahoo

Looking for a little inside info on the stock market? Try checking Yahoo. No, searching “Which stocks will go up?” won’t work; we’re talking about using search data to predict behavior in real life.

The appropriately named Institute of Complex Systems in Rome went through Yahoo searches looking for mentions of companies in the …

Netflix Loses 800,000 Subscribers After Price Hike, Qwikster Debacle

The last quarter has not been good to Netflix. The company reported a loss of 800,000 subscribers, mostly due to the PR nightmare that came after it raised its prices for its combined streaming and DVD plan by 60%. Netflix ended the quarter with 23.8 million U.S. subscribers, compared to 24.6 million three months ago.

It’s not all bad …

Virtual Supermarket Lets Commuters Shop in Subway Station

The one thing nobody wants to do after a long day of work is schlep to the supermarket and fight the crowds grabbing groceries for dinner. Commuters in Seoul, however, now have a different option—shopping by smartphone in the virtual grocery store in the Seolleung underground station.

It works like this: Photos of hundreds of …

New Gmail Accidentally Revealed in Video

It looks like Gmail is getting a makeover. The brand-new version of Google’s popular, free email service features plenty of user-friendly upgrades: a cleaner design, improved search functions, high-resolution themes and more.

All of this was revealed in a new video that wasn’t meant to be seen yet. Google produced a slick presentation …

BlizzCon: Worth the $40 Virtual Ticket?

This Friday, crowds will swarm the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon, the 6th annual celebration of all things Blizzard. Super-fans who don’t make the journey have a much more couch-friendly option—attend via the internet with a virtual ticket. But is the $40 price tag worth it?

Well, the 500,000 people who watched it online …

Groupon IPO Reportedly Back on Track

Groupon’s long-delayed IPO is back on track—at least according to Reuters, who quoted sources that “declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.” The Chicago-based company is supposedly planning to announce a roadshow for its initial public offering as early as Monday or Tuesday of next week. …

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