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Matt Peckham writes about games and general technology for TIME. His work has appeared in Variety, The Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC News, MSNBC, The Sci-Fi Channel and others. He has an M.A. in English from Creighton University and lives in Michigan. Drop him a line here.

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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphone Sales Tank

So much for RIM’s brief PlayBook sales “surge” to “4.9% of the tablet market”: The company’s losing market share “much faster than expected to rivals Apple and Google,” reports Reuters this morning.

RIM took another bath in red ink yesterday, when it revealed its quarterly profits had plummeted, sending the company’s shares tumbling …

Google Snatches Over 1,000 IBM Patents

Watch out, IBM, it looks like Google’s just snapped up 1,000 patents belonging to you, which almost sounds dramatic, except for the part where IBM let them.

Make that 1,023 patents in all, which Bloomberg reports were acquired from IBM on August 17. The move is thought to be part of Google’s recent strategy to stockpile patents …

WATCH: AMD Breaks 8GHz World Record with Daring CPU Overclock

Today’s Intel Developer Forum fastest processor in the world gold star goes to Int—I mean, AMD?

That’s right, AMD, Intel’s least-favorite chip-making rival, who apparently managed to jam prototype processing tech, incantations from a book of magic, a sacrificial dove and a bag of gilded runestones into a box to coax an AMD FX …

GameStop to Launch Its Own Android Gaming Tablet in 2012

Your next Android tablet may well be dedicated to video games, and the company behind it’s arguably the one you’d least expect: GameStop. That’s right, the monster-sized video games retailer we’d probably have long since bid farewell, but for the company’s prescient move into the used games market, now responsible for over half its …

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