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Matt Peckham writes about games and general technology for TIME. His work has appeared in Variety, The Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC News, MSNBC, The Sci-Fi Channel and others. He has an M.A. in English from Creighton University and lives in Michigan. Drop him a line here.

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Now Nintendo Admits It Was Hacked, Says No Customer Data Stolen

As this week’s E3 games conference and debut of Nintendo’s Wii successor looms, Nintendo’s admitting that Sony’s not the only victim of hacktivist ne’er-do-wells—yep, Nintendo was hacked, too.

Nintendo acknowledged a security breach in a statement yesterday, explaining that its U.S. servers came under cyber-fire a few weeks ago, but …

Yahoo, Hotmail Also Targets of Gmail-Style Hack Attacks

It looks like Google Gmail wasn’t the only online service pummeled in recent hack attacks: It turns out Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail were, too.

That, and while the targeted attacks—technically dubbed “spear phishing” attempts—were carried out independently, the methods were eerily similar to those employed against Google, says security

Share Your Netflix Password and You May Go to Jail

If you live in Tennessee, July 1st 2011 could become a day that lives in infamy for anyone caught sharing login info with pals to access streaming media. That’s D-Day for a bill just passed by the state that criminalizes using a friend’s login—with or without permission—to stream movies or songs via services like Netflix and …

Twitter Declares Photo War, Announces Native Image Sharing

Clap if you like, or just shrug if you don’t care: Twitter’s finally going to let you upload and share photos directly, through its website. The takeaway: No more Yfrog or TwitPic or Twitgoo for you.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told users Wednesday at the D9 conference (wherein a bunch of celebrity tech folk chat with media bigwigs) that …

China Denies Gmail Hack, Claims It’s a ‘Victim’ Too

China’s response to Google’s accusation that Chinese hackers broke into Gmail, the company’s free online email service, and absconded with the login details of hundreds of senior U.S. and Asian government officials, military personnel, journalists and Chinese political activists?

We didn’t do it, and your “unacceptable” attempt to …

If Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer, What About Laptops?

Cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic”? Potentially brain-cancer-causing? Comparable to pesticides and the stuff your car spits out? So sayeth the World Health Organization? The reputable science-minded subsidiary of the United Nations?

Bummer. Thank goodness I use ear buds, and don’t talk on the phone much—though when on the go, I …

That’s It Folks: Space Shuttle Endeavour Sings Swan Song

Clear eyes, full hearts. It might as well be a NASA catchphrase, as the space shuttle Endeavour touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida this morning, completing its 25th and final mission (dubbed “STS-134″) and heralding the beginning of the end for over three decades of shuttle flight. Space shuttle Atlantis will carry the …

Want to Take a Jetpack to Work?

Care to soar skyward strapped in your very own personal jet-suit? Of course you do. Just not one that’ll light your pants on fire, or cause too much commotion if you’ve just dined on a bowlful of seven-bean salad. And, you know, that’s priced somewhere in the neighborhood of an iPad or iPhone. Apple iFly, anyone?

(More on

Tasty ‘StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm’ Details Divulged

Just like that, Blizzard’s teasing StarCraft II expansion numero duo details, including a teaser that probably shouldn’t have been teased yet. See what happens when you take a day off?

As expected, the expansion—dubbed Heart of the Swarm—continues Blizzard’s epic sci-fi soap, including scruffy brooding cowboy-type Jim Raynor’s …

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