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Matt Peckham writes about games and general technology for TIME. His work has appeared in Variety, The Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC News, MSNBC, The Sci-Fi Channel and others. He has an M.A. in English from Creighton University and lives in Michigan. Drop him a line here.

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Did Apple Just Fiddle With ‘Top App’ Ranking?

Consider this speculative, but it sounds like Apple may have twiddled a key App Store ranking algorithm to favor “usage” over “total downloads.” If true, the move could be upending for developers uses to banking raw download figures over the actual time spent using or playing with an app.

Word is several iOS developers saw …

NASA Ponies Up Megabucks For Commercial Space Rides

You’re in love, bored with five star eats, and filthy stinking rich. Why not grab your date and hop a space bus to the International Space Station?

Hold that thought, but NASA just made it a smidge less improbable, tossing some $269 million in funding to commercial companies like Boeing and SpaceX, all of them hoping to someday …

Apple MacBook Air Solid State Drives Created Unequal?

Uh-oh, could it be that not all Apple MacBook Airs are created equal? I mean apples-to-apples MacBook Airs–not just of the same family, but the same exact model? Could some customers buying Apple’s ultra-slim fits-in-a-file-folder notebook be getting the shaft (or a perk, depending on your vantage) when it comes to solid state hard …

Nintendo Wii Price Drop: Grab One For $170

It’s not much of a break for tightly held purses and wallets, but select retailers just lopped $30 off the Nintendo Wii’s $200 price tag, bringing the world’s bestselling current-gen game console down to a not-quite-bargain $170.

Note this isn’t an official Nintendo cut (well, yet) so it’s not clear what got the herd moving. Rumor has …

Volkswagen Unveils ‘Most Fuel Efficient Beetle Ever’

It’s wider, lower, and longer, and Volkswagen says it’ll do up to 40 on the highway or 29 in the city: Meet the new 2012 Beetle, a sleek, slightly flatter, still curvy head-turner Volkswagen AG calls its “most fuel-efficient Beetle ever.”

It’s still a Beetle of course, it just looks a trifle sportier–less like a fat little …

Uncharted 3 Includes Hotline to Facebook, YouTube

You’ve just fired up Uncharted 3 for the first time, but instead of flashing crazy-cool loading screens, say of Arabian sandscapes or character glamor shots, you’re watching a live feed of your Facebook friends connected to the PlayStation Network and playing the game.

(More on

Don’t Count the Space Shuttles Out, They Could Fly Again

By the close of summer, NASA’s Space Shuttles will fly no more. The program that began with the launch of Columbia on April 12, 1981 is due to close with the launch and return of Atlantis on June 28, 2011. The program’s total missions when 2011 ends will be 135. Next steps: Official retirement, sendoff parties, and plans to dismantle …

Nintendo 3DS Soars, Sells 400,000 in First Week

Nintendo’s 3DS portable flew off the shelves in late March, moving just shy of 400,000 units during its first week of U.S. sales, reports Nintendo. Couple with Nintendo’s other handhelds, and the company says it saw its best March ever (that’s “in U.S. history” ever) for portable hardware sales.

Factor in dueling DS games …

Fastest Yet? Comcast Deploys 105Mbps Internet, But It’ll Cost You

Who wants to pay $200 a month for the fastest residential Internet money can buy? Fearless Comcast customers, that’s who. “Fearless” in the sense that they’d have to be utterly unafraid to throw hundreds of dollars in monthly access fees after speeds they’ll only see in ideal client-server scenarios.

But if you’re feeling intrepid …

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