Michelle Castillo

Michelle likes zombies, viral videos and cheesy science fiction television and movies - but not in that order. She's an overall pop culture junkie and happiest when overanalyzing minute details of things that don't really matter. She's previously covered arts and entertainment for MSNBC.com, EW.com, the Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter.

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Daily Dose

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 –

Quote to Live By:

“There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.” – Commander William Adama from Battlestar …

Top 10 Bug Infestations We Still Cringe At

Bedbugs have invaded New York from our movie theaters to our workplaces. But, it’s not the first time crawling vermin have infested our world — at least, that’s what multiple television shows and movies will have you believe. Here’s our list of the top times the entertainment media has bugged out.

Rumor PaTroll: Doctor Who and Gravity Rumors Debunked

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 –

The latest in backroom nerd gossip since 2010

Natalie Portman: Will she or won’t she be in “Gravity”?

Don’t believe the rumors just yet. Her publicist tells Techland the information is “totally rumor” and “very premature.”

“A lot of the information is inaccurate,” Portman’s rep said. “Everything is …

App of the Week: Nike+ GPS

Nike’s Nike+ GPS will finally let you untie that monitoring device from your shoe and run free with your iPhone or iPod Touch, the way nature never intended.

The Nike+ App tracks your distance, speed and route with the help of the iPhone’s GPS. (If you get the app for iPod Touch, you won’t have the mapping function.) You can brag …

Notre Dame Students Respond to the iClassroom

It’s two weeks into Notre Dame’s foray into their iPad-piloted class, and students and professors claim that the new interface is easier and better to use. The project management class led by Professor Corey Angst is part of the university’s eReader study and Notre Dame’s first paperless class. All materials for the 40 students are …

Daily Dose

Friday, September 3, 2010 –

Quote to Live By:

“We need rest. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.” – Zapp Brannigan from Futurama

Up Front:

Has the Identity of Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’ Finally Been Revealed? [BBC]


Japan Treads Slowly in 3D [Variety]
Google Translation of the Day [Daily What]
How to …

Children’s Book Explains What A Book Is

Growing up in the digital age, kids these days sure know how to tweet and text. But, what ever happened to good old fashioned dog-eared paperback books from the library? You know, the kind you can drip ice cream on without worrying that it will short out or give to your next door neighbor without your mother yelling “YOU GAVE YOUR WHAT …

Top Ten Heroes and Villians With Knives

In honor of Machete, we’re counting down the top ten men and women who fight with sharp, pointy sticks that can slice and dice. From the obvious Machete to Wolverine, some of our favorite over-the-top action stars have got downright dirty with the precision blade. Even though a knife or a sword isn’t exactly high tech, it’s definitely …

Exclusive: WCG’s Ultimate Gamer 2’s Sebastian and Rachel Talk About Last Night’s Elimination and Antics

Human hockey pucks? Throwing the competition as a strategy? Practical jokes taken wrong? It might sound like an episode of MTV’s Road Rules or CBS’s The Amazing Race, but it’s actually WCG Ultimate Gamer 2.

If you haven’t caught on to WCG Ultimate Gamer 2, it’s a reality TV style gaming competition that pits competitive gamers around …

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