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Techland’s Top 10 Tech Taboos, Pet Peeves and No-Nos

Certain etiquette is quite straightforward. Always say please and thank you, don’t speak with your mouth full, and hold the door for a lady. But when technology gets thrown into the manners mix, many of us find we’re in unchartered territory—Jane Austen never had to handle Facebook!

Techland is here to help, with a readers guide …

Send the Right Message: How to Avoid an E-mail Catastrophe

We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt the nausea inducing, gut twisting, computer monitor chucking sensations that result from a mistakenly sent message. Then arrives the infuriatingly merry sounding “whoosh” indicating your e-mail or text has sent successfully. You soon curse the inexistence of an emergency e-mail ABORT button (unless