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‘Push the Limit’ in Michael Phelps’ First Video Game

Olympian Michael Phelps likes coming in first. And come June, he’ll release the first realistic swimming video game, “Push the Limit.”

The game uses a Kinect hands-free control sensor for Xbox360 in place of a pool, and players must use proper technique to make a variety of stroke motions while standing up in order to propel their …

Netflix Tries to Go Social (Again)

After a failed attempt at social networking in September, Netflix announced yesterday in a quarterly earnings report that it will once again try going social.

The report stated that the company is working on an “extensive Facebook integration.” While Netflix won’t say exactly what that means, we’re guessing it will allow users to do … Helps Bands Track Their Tracks

Gone are the days when spreading the word about a new band meant handing out homemade CDs. With the growing importance of social media marketing in the music world, wants to help emerging and amateur bands share their tracks and manage their social media profiles.

Think of as the musical cousin of link shortener …

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