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Brian Malow is Earth's Premier Science Comedian. Available for off-world appearances, if transportation is provided. He enjoys making funny science videos for TechLand and For more info, check out:

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They Might Be Giants Wax Scientific

They Might Be Giants have been making alternative rock music for over 20 years. Perhaps best known for “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” their insanely catchy ode to a nightlight, and their popular cover of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople),” the band has been busy carving out a new niche in the world of children’s music.

Their latest release …

Is a Time Machine Really Possible?

Time travel is a perennial favorite trope of science fiction and has been ever since I went back to the 1890s and mentioned the idea to H.G. Wells.

Who hasn’t fantasized about it, in one form or another?… to see dinosaurs with your own two eyes, or to tell your younger self to invest in Google, or to suggest to JFK that perhaps a …