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I'm an Assistant Managing Editor at, overseeing digital editorial coverage. When not staring at a computer screen, I'm obsessed with both the worlds of film and television (I was a film critic in a previous life), and the ways in which technology is redefining the realm of visual arts. If you're obsessed with Kubrick, Malick, Aronofsky, Tarsem, Walter White, Cormac McCarthy, Bon Iver, Steve Reich, Jon Stewart and New Zealand, I'm your man. Reach me at

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Rain: Pop Star, Bodybuilder, Ninja Assassin

“Ninja Assassin” uses the full arsenal: Swords, chains, ninja stars, bamboo sticks, semi-automatics and even rocket launchers. Bodies are sliced, diced, mutilated and cut in half. The film’s very first swing of a sword involves the slicing of a man’s skull; his brains spill out as he tumbles over. All those girls who show up …

Thor: Kat Dennings as Marcy Lewis?

Another weekend, another revelation about the casting of the upcoming “Thor” blockbuster, being developed by Marvel and directed by Kenneth Branagh.

In an interview with MTV News, Natalie Portman – who is set to star in “Thor” as Jane Foster alongside Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopins and Idris Elba – let slip that Kat Dennings …

Paranormal Activity Stirs on DVD Dec. 29

Depending on who you talk to, “Paranormal Activitiy” is either the terrifying DIY indie thriller of the decade, or an amateurish overhyped hack-job. But given that it made more than $100 million at the box office – after costing less to make than a new car – here’s a good bet that the debates which started in packed movie theaters …

New Moon: Twilight Shows More Skin, Adds Zombies!

130 minutes. That’s the running time of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” And at minute 125, audiences of swooning tweens around the world will let out an audible gasp before erupting into cheers. At least that’s what happened late Wednesday on New York’s Upper West Side, when the very first “New Moon” audience lost its …

Twilight New Moon: The Cast Interviews

Did you sense it – the euphoria of a billion tweens that clogged the tubes of the intrawebs Monday night? As Twitter ground to a halt during the film’s west coast red carpet premiere, it became abundantly clear: “New Moon” is going to be big this weekend. Some are talking $80 million big. Yes, we’re aware.

In fact, we were aware of …

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