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I'm an Assistant Managing Editor at, overseeing digital editorial coverage. When not staring at a computer screen, I'm obsessed with both the worlds of film and television (I was a film critic in a previous life), and the ways in which technology is redefining the realm of visual arts. If you're obsessed with Kubrick, Malick, Aronofsky, Tarsem, Walter White, Cormac McCarthy, Bon Iver, Steve Reich, Jon Stewart and New Zealand, I'm your man. Reach me at

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Comic-Con: The BSG Legacy, Still Alive and Kicking

We’re still a day removed from the annual Star Wars celebration here at Comic-Con, but already I’m feeling some big love for the other franchises that have been brought back and dusted off at this year’s event.

Just today, revives the Middle Earth euphoria surrounding the will-it-happen-or-not The Hobbit; a panel …

Comic-Con Opening Day: The TRON Buzz Starts Now

You should care about Comic-Con. Yes, you; whoever you are, regardless of what genre turns you on, or what kind of entertainment you consume.

Once upon a time, Comic-Con may have been a fringe event, more centered around comics and caped crusaders. But not any more. As sci-fi television has surged to the top of the ratings – hello …

The Great Inception Debate: Alive? Dead? Both?

Yes, the world finally got to behold Inception this weekend, so now I can loop you all into the same debate that I’ve been having with other critics for the last month.

First things first: Tons of spoilers here. Stop reading if you don’t want it all ruined. And feel free to post a comment simply with your reaction – I would so …

Syfy Launches Blastr, Annexes New Land For Its Geekdom

Is it just me, or has Syfy been on a roll lately?

Let’s recap some of the more recent triumphs: They have rolled out an array of critically-acclaimed, originally scripted dramas, from Caprica (come back soon!) to Haven to Stargate Universe. They’ve announced an ambitious new slate of reality programming – reality TV shows that I …

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Eureka’s Season Premiere

Eureka is back in a big, big way tonight on Syfy, and all of us here at Techland are stoked not only for the return of this favorite, but also for the debut of Haven – based on the Stephen King source material.

In fact, we told the network how excited we were about tonight’s programming, and they were kind enough to forward over an …

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