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Fring Brings Four-Way Video Chat to iPhone, Android

While Apple’s Facetime languishes with no new features, and Google’s Android continues to lack a native video chat app, Fring has gone ahead and added four-way video calls to its iPhone and Android apps.

The app is free for iOS and Android, as are video and voice calls to other Fring users. Fring makes its money by selling a FringOut …

Hey Google, Ditch the Android OS Dogfighting App

Look out, it’s another app trawling for attention by mimicking felonious real-world activities. Meet Dog Wars, a game designed to play just as it sounds: Pit your virtual pooch against others in violent, bloody pit brawls.

“Raise your Dog to Beat the Best!” reads the description, boasting that Dog Wars is “A GAME THAT WILL …

Kindle for Android Tablets, Available Now

For the new wave of touch screen operating systems, a Kindle app is a status symbol. iPad? There’s a Kindle app for that. Android phones? Ditto. Blackberry Playbook? Sorry, no. WebOS? Nuh uh.

Now, you can add Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the list of platforms deemed worthy by Amazon’s app makers. The latest update to Kindle for Android

Nightmare Over: You Can Now Mow Your Lawn from an iPhone

We’ve all been there. Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re at work and you realize you forgot to mow your lawn. You rush home in a panic. You miss several important meetings—or meetings that your company considers important, yet you’ve calculated how much it’d cost to build a lifelike dummy of yourself that lives in the …

Five Easter iPhone Apps That Are Actually Pretty Cool

Yep, Martha Stewart spiked our Easter-app fever with her Egg Dyeing 101. But the iTunes store was a fertile ground of arty holiday-themed apps, and we found some other pretty cool contenders. Whether you’re a devout egghead, an occasional Peeps-ter — or prefer to celebrate your own Easter-time holiday of “West”er — these five …

Catalog Spree Makes iPad Shopping Dangerously Easy

Miffed about all those catalogs cramming your mailbox daily? Here’s their commercial raison d’etre: Catalogs are the top revenue driver for retailers in the US, driving somewhere between 45-65% of all sales. No wonder, then, that between 18 and 20 billion catalogs are mailed annually (the average US household gets in the region of 200 …

The Official White House App Comes to Android

The Obama presidency is proving to be the hippest, baddest and most connected administration in recent memory.

Facebook town halls, YouTube announcements all color Obama’s strategy in keeping citizens informed – and it’s now complete with an Android app to complement the iPhone version.

The official White House app for Android …

HBO Go App To Stream ‘Every Episode of Every Season’

HBO fans have reason to celebrate with the premium cable company’s announcement of HBO Go, available on tablets and mobile devices early next month. Good news to be sure, but there’s also a downside: like the desktop version, to access it, you have to be subscribed to the network.

On the other hand, you’ll have instant access to old …

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