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Princeton Review iPad App Makes SAT Prep Bearable

Thanks to a new app from Princeton Review, the iPad finally does something magical: it makes SAT preparation mildly amusing.

Princeton Review’s SAT Score Quest is a free iPad app that provides multiple choice questions in math, writing and critical reading. Users can draw on the right side of the screen like scratch paper and fill in …

Blocked Number? TrapCall Will Let You Find Out Who’s Calling

Chances are you haven’t been waiting 201 days to find out who was calling under a blocked number. TrapCall, an iPhone app that lets you do that, did spend that long waiting for Apple to approve the nifty functionality, though. World beware, the app’s been unleashed.

TrapCall is an app that lets phone users pretty much unmasks …

250 Million People Love to Check Facebook on Their Phones

Off the top of my head, I can’t tell you many people hit up Facebook daily, but a freakishly high number of people visit the site on their phones everyday. In fact, Facebook says over 250 million people visit the site monthly on their cellphones.

Just a little over a year ago, the mobile site only had 100 million users. Since then, …

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