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5 Google Demo Slams Worth Watching

These days, it seems like everybody wants to be famous, or at least relatively Internet-famous. Google was probably banking on that idea, at least a little bit, when it announced its “Demo Slam” competition last October. The publicity stunt of a competition, for which it appears the only reward will be lots of Internet fame, asked users …

Top 20 Must-Have Android Apps

If you’ve just purchased your first Android phone or you’re looking to round out your existing collection, here’s a list of 20 must-have apps that every Android owner should consider. They’re all free, too!

Apple Kills iBooks On Jailbroken iOS, But Is That Legal?

If your iPhone or iPad has been jailbroken, Apple may have decided that you don’t deserve to use their iBooks store anymore as punishment. Josh from the Social Apples website has noticed that Apple has, in his words, “deliberately crippled” his iPhone after jailbreaking:

Since using the greenpois0n jailbreak, I have been unable to open

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