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Top 10 Alternative iPad Web Browsers

If you find Apple’s Safari web browser to be a bit too limiting on your iPad, there are a whole host of alternative browsers out there. Here’s a list of some of the better ones that offer nice extras like tabbed browsing, privacy management, advanced touchscreen controls and more.

Program To Track Your Missing Mac Laptop Free Until 2011

There’s a free application to track your missing iPhone, so why shouldn’t there be a free program to track your missing laptop?

In an act of Christmas spirit, Hidden is offering a free download of their laptop tracking application, good for iMacs or Mac Books. The program only activates when you go to Hidden’s official website and ask …

Apple Explains Why They Banned The Wikileaks App

The Wikileaks saga for freedom of the press will continue now that Apple has banned the Wikileaks App from their store. Apple claims that the app violated the law and could potentially put some people at risk. Here’s the cache since the App Store site is no longer available.

“We removed the WikiLeaks app from the App Store because …

New App Lets Your Phone Become a Translation Tool

Don’t you hate when you’re traversing the hills of Ouagadougou and you come across that sign that you just can’t read. Alas, if you had only known that it was warning you about the blood thirsty pigmy goats, life would be so different. Fear no more: Word Lens will translate anything for you, as long as you can fit it in your iPhone …

Bing Updates: Let The Search Engine Make Decisions For You

Microsoft officially launched Bing 2.0 Wednesday night with changes to both their online search engine and mobile phone apps. Bing has been trying to compete against Google for dominance since it launched in June 2009, particularly by calling their program a “decision engine.” And that’s what these upgrades mostly are: additional …

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