Robot with Samsung Tablet for a Head Gives Holiday Hugs

No matter how much you love your new tablet, it won’t love you back—unless you happen to be at the Roppongi Hills Cafe in Tokyo, that is. That’s where you’ll find Hug-Chan, the robot developed by Samsung and RT Corporation to hand out hugs during the holidays.

As you can see, its head is made out of a Samsung Galaxy Tab, while a …

Butt Dials to 911 Are On the Rise

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a butt dial. Your phone rings, you pick it up and then all you hear is the ruffling of your friend’s phone against his or her jeans or the incoherent cacophony of a crowded bar.

Usually …


Man Hacks Siri to Start His Car

Is there anything Siri can’t do (besides recognize Scottish accents)? Providing further proof that one day we’ll rely on our smartphones for just about everything, developer Brandon Fiquett hacked Siri to work with the Viper SmartStart system in his Acura TL, meaning he can start and stop his engine via voice command, as well as pop the …

Ride the Giant, Inflatable Ant-Roach Robot

What would it look like if some mad Dr. Moreau combined an anteater, a cockroach and a bounce house? You’d get the Ant-Roach, the 15-foot inflatable walking robot.

It was developed by Otherlab in San Francisco, a small lab that has done some pretty cool things with what it calls “pneubotics,” including this inflatable robotic arm. The …

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