New App Helps You Crash Weddings

Wedding crashing! It’s not just for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson anymore. Now anyone with a smartphone and some dusty old formalwear can crash a nearby wedding with Crash Corsage, an app that cruises couples’ wedding websites to …

Chinese Mario Kart Knockoff ‘Mole Kart’ Released for iPhone

Oh how we’ve longed here at Techland for Nintendo to release games specifically for iOS. I guess we’ll have to settle for this: Mole Kart, the cartoonish racing game that bears no resemblance to Nintendo’s Mario Kart whatsoever.

See, this game from Chinese developer Taomee is totally different from Mario Kart. It has, um, moles …

Unlock Your iPhone with Your Face

We can’t recommend locking your phone enough. If a thief gets hold of it, who knows what personal information he’ll dig up going through your email or mobile browser history.

Sometimes, though, you just don’t want to take the …

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