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Now In Paper-Vision: The Future of Books. And TV.

I wrote two articles for Time this week. Two. Because that’s how I roll. I roll prolific.

Article #1: A piece about the great switchover to digital TV — the “analog sunset,” if you will — which is supposed to happen on February 17. Except now, maybe not. My advanced polling techniques suggest to me that this event will not affect …

An Open Letter to Albert Uderzo

Dear Mr. Uderzo,

You do not know me, but I am a huge fan of the Asterix comics that you have drawn, and later written, for almost fifty years. Ever since I was a child, I have been delighted by the adventures of Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Dogmatix, and all of the indomitable Gauls as they use their magic strength potion to bravely

The Remnants

There’s a Web video pilot making the rounds called The Remnants, about a bunch of nerdy people who band together in the wake of a near-species-ending catastrophe and scavenge through suburban homes in search of leftover Pringles and video game consoles and such. It’s here.

(It’s a Vimeo video, which means I can’t embed it here because …


As if fist-bumping Spider-man wasn’t dorky enough, now Barack Obama is having every detail of his inauguration detailed by the master builders at LEGOLAND California. (Even a Lego Rick Warren, who opposes same-sex Lego marriage, and a Lego Dick Cheney, hiding out in a Lego bunker five feet under Lego Washington D.C.)

Now that …

This May Be the Most Technologically Accurate Novel Ever Written

Here’s what I’m reading now: Daemon, by Daniel Suarez, a techno-thriller about an evil genius zillionaire games developer who dies and leaves behind a piece of intelligent viral software — the titular daemon — that infests the Internet and starts killing people in clever ways. It’s up to our heroes, a good-natured cop and a clever IT …

Meet the Doozies

If you’ve enjoyed the feeling of laughing while watching TV over the last 20 years, it’s probably thanks in part to comedy writer Tom Gammill.

Tom and his writing partner, Mitchell “Max” Pross, started out on Saturday Night Live in 1979, and went on to be hilarious for It’s Gary Shandling’s Show, a memorable run on

Growing Up Star Wars


Looking for a hardcore dose of un-ironic Star Wars nostalgia? Want to remember what young-you felt for Star Wars, before Jar Jar, Jango and Jedi Younglings? Before the 800 million billion Star Wars parodies where the only joke was that something not Star Wars said something …

Iron Man 2; Judge Dredd; Twilight; Gay Gandalf; NASA; Me

Another omnibus post, brought to you by my short attention span:

— Mickey Rourke will apparently appear as a villain in Iron Man 2. Nice to see that the success of The Wrestler is getting him work. I guess he’s well and truly out of career hypersleep. Favreau must be fond of resuscitated actors, given that Downey had a similar career …

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